American Express Cardmember Agreement

Click here to log into your account to get a PDF copy of your specific account member contract (agreement). You can also request a copy by calling the number on the back of your card. Looking for a credit card? Make a more informed decision by checking a credit card agreement template before applying. Learn more about what price and fee information can be so you can decide if a card is right for you. Price and final fee information depends on your credit history, so note that the following credit card agreements are just models (PDFs, Adobe Reader-Layer required). card agreement : Part 1 of 2 As of: 0/2012 Delta Reserve for Business Issuer: American Express Bank, FSB rates and Fees Table Interest Rates Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases This APR varies depending on the premium rate. APR for cash advances This RPO varies depending on the premium rate. Penalty APR and When it Applies This APR varies depending on the premium rate. Interest payment Annual membership fee $450 Transaction fee – Cash advance – Foreign transaction fee – Late payment – Late payment – Over-limit This RPA applies to all balances on your account if you: 1) a payment that is returned; 2) 2 late payments in 12 months; 3) do not pay the minimum payment on the reference date the billing period the date during which it is due. How long will the APR penalty last? If the Criminal APP is applied for de s of these grounds, it applies for at least 12 consecutive billing periods, subject to applicable law.

In addition, the APR penalty continues to apply until payments are made in a timely manner, without the payments being repaid for 12 consecutive billing periods. Their due date is at least 25 days after the sever settlement period. We do not charge you interest on purchases if you pay the full balance up to the due date of each month. We will begin to calculate interest on cash advances on the transaction date. Either 5%, or 3% the amount advance in cash, depending on the largest amount. 2.7% thrisk transaction after conversion to US dollars. Up to $35. 35 Not As we calculate interest: We use the average daily balance method (including new transactions). See How to calculate interest in Part 2. CMAEUAOT000012 996628 page 1 . Cardmember Agreement: Part 1 of 2 awards and …

– American Express If you still have questions, contact one of our staff at 800.932.2775. We are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Have you recently been admitted for a credit card? congratulations! Price and final fee information depends on your credit history, so your actual prices and terms are on your credit card contract. You can find it online and pay for it with your credit card when it arrives in the mail. Do you already have a Bank of America credit card®? Sign in to the online bank and ask for a copy of your credit card contract. Click below to see the agreement for one of these products, which is correct with the date indicated in the agreement. If you apply for a new card, the agreement you will receive is the latest version of the agreement and reflects the price conditions applicable to your account.