Uber Eats Service Agreement

Customers can be offered services, products and promotions provided by third parties, not DELIVERECT. If the client chooses to use these services to third parties, the client is responsible for verifying and understanding the conditions associated with these services. The client accepts that DELIVERECT is not responsible for the delivery of these services. The DELIVERECT service and products may contain links to third-party sites to view the customer. The customer accepts that access to such a website is carried out at his own risk and that the Site is not subject to the conditions set out in this DSA. DELIVERECT expressly disclaims any responsibility for these sites. The customer is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of the required third-party hardware and/or software, including updates. DELIVERECT is not responsible for the acts of gross negligence, gross negligence or inaction of others. In addition, with the exception of authorized DELIVERECT subcontractors, this restriction also applies to third parties who have been certified in accordance with a DELIVERECT certification program, recommended or referred to the customer by the DELIVERECT client. This agreement is governed exclusively by Belgian law and is interpreted accordingly. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and the competent jurisdiction of the competent courts of Gant, Belgium, in the event of a dispute in Dutch, without prejudice to THE right of DELIVERECT to sue the client before the competent court in the absence of this clause. 10.

The website refers to our website www.ubereatskit.co.uk on which goods are promoted. The service is licensed and not sold. DELIVERECT reserves all rights that are not expressly granted to the client in this DSA. In accepting this agreement, the customer recognizes that service, intellectual property rights, copyright and trademarks are the exclusive and inalienable property of DELIVERECT or its suppliers and that trademarks, name and intellectual property rights remain of DELIVERECT or its suppliers. The service is protected by copyright, trade secrets and other intellectual property laws. DELIVERECT has the title, copyright and intellectual property rights (as defined below) in and over services, all copies of services, software and documentation. This DSA does not grant you any rights to DELIVERECT trademarks or service brands. For the purposes of this DSA, “intellectual property rights” means all copyrights, patent rights, copyrights, copyrights, hidden work rights, moral rights, advertising rights, trademark rights, trademark and service trademark rights, goodwill, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights as they exist or exist below, as well as all applications, as well as registrations, renewals and extensions of these rights, in accordance with the laws of a state, country, territory or other jurisdiction.